This page is for some general information about Rev. W.Kent Bergstrom:

Rev. Bergstrom moved to Wisconsin in the summer of 1995. Coming from Long Island NY and a thriving practice, he decided to follow his dream to be out more in the area of rural America.

With many years experience training in the martial arts, (starting formally in 1972), he decided to start out from scratch in the Chippewa Valley WI area. He was recognized numerous times at high levels of black belt in different arts through the years. His highest Japanese license to teach and grade in the USA is 10th degree black belt in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu.

After receiving what is termed in Japan as a “Tenshin Sho”, (divine inspiration), he founded the martial arts system which is referred to as Yamamizu Ryu Bujutsu. (Mountain Stream Family Warrior Arts Way). This was prior to his recognition by Grand Master Masaaki Hatsumi Sensei of the Bujinkan. Another organization gave full recognition of his arts and the training methods. He was awarded the title of “Soke” (original headfounder), and continued on with his training and teaching. He still has some students that have been with him for 15- 20 years. His hope is that they will carry on the tradition.
The tradition of Yamamizu Ryu includes, Karate, Jujutsu, Ninjutsu, Weapons, Qigong, Tai Chi, Healing, and Self Development on numerous levels.

Rev. Bergstrom was one of the original founders of the The Healing Arts Center, originally located in Menomonie WI, is still operating with instructions and treatments. There are other branch schools in the area of graduates who now teach martial arts also.

AMMA Therapy ® , which we identify as “lineage proper” is what was taught “directly by”, or in an accepted lineage. Sanctioned By Great Grand-master Tina Sohn in an unbroken line that kept her permissions and traditions. Rev. Bergstrom is one of only a small handful of Master AMMA Therapy ® practitioners in the world.
True practitioners of this art are supported as they have the rights to use the Registered TM of AMMA Therapy®. Others do not.

The active training in the Tai Chi of the original Sohn Style, taught by Dr. Sohn and at the New Center when AMMA Therapy® was still being taught, is still actively taught and required as stated in chapter 11 of the New Amma Book.

In January of 1999, Rev. Bergstrom was ordained at St. Michael’s the Divine in New York City. His training was with the New Seminary in New York. It is a seminary training in a concept called Interfaith. The doctrine of the training is “Never instead of, only in addition too..” The concepts on a very basic level is that there is an encompassing universal power, (God), that is teaching the same things in all world religions. Love, Compassion,Tolerance, etc.

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